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IQOS Heets Classic Dubai

IQOS Dubai offers IQOS Heets Classic from Kazakhstan sticks in the UAE. Heets Classics are manufactured to be smoked in the IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3 Multi, IQOS 3, IQOS 2.4 plus, and other devices with a diameter that fits. Smoking using these vaporizers is more pleasant and healthier than smoking with ordinary cigarettes.


HEETS Classic (Kazakhstan) Technical Specifications

A block of Kazakhstan's Heets classic weighs about 250g and comprises 10 packs, or 200 sticks. Each stick includes 0.5 grams of nicotine and has a net weight of 5.3 grams of tobacco combination. Only IQOS devices such as the IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS Multi, IQOS 2.4 Plus, and IQOS Lil Solid are compatible with IQOS Heets Classic. IQOS Heets Classic comes in a sliding tray that is 6.08" (152 mm) wide by 5.75" (140 mm) deep and is sealed in a sleeve with an IQOS Original orange ribbon placed over the two trays within.


HEETS Classic (Kazakhstan) Come In Many Flavors

The Heets classic sticks come in seven different flavors. As well as their sweet, refreshing taste, each flavor contains a unique blend of ingredients that offer unique benefits and experiences.


Heets Classic Amber selection :

A traditional tobacco smell with nutty undertones. The smoke is silky smooth and has a strong tobacco fragrance.

Heets Classic Bronze Selection :

Long anise notes and dried fruit aromas characterize this fruity, aromatic, and sweet chocolate. With a mild scent, a chocolate and dried fruit mix.

Heets Classic Green Zing :

The energizing scent of this menthol essence is unmissable! Citrus and herbal notes combine for an energizing flavor.

Heets Classic Purple Wave :

With a burst of fruit and menthol, this is a zingy all-day vape. With a blast of menthol and cool berries, this is one of our favorite all-day vapes.

Heets Classic Silver Selection :

Silver tastes and aromas are subtle and pleasant, as there are no additives. Tobacco flavor is pure and simple.

Heets Classic Turquoise Selection :

A great blend of silky tobacco, subtle spices, and pleasant and tasty menthol.

Heets Classic Yellow Selection :

It has a subtle spice aroma and a crisp, mellow, yet somewhat spicy texture.


The IQOS Heets Classic Smoking Session

A six-minute session with Heats Classic Selection can last as long as smoking a cigarette. Each puff contains 14 puffs of your choice of flavor. When removing the sticks from the device, throw them away in a garbage container because they have not changed their shape. Tobacco sticks in the UAE are only allowed to be marketed to adult smokers, thanks to UAE legislation. All sticks are infused with various tastes and a tobacco mixture that is of exceptional quality, despite their legal location.


Heets Classic Selection - How to use it?

We have all of the most recent Heats Classic tobacco sticks that are compatible with IQOS devices in stock. The gadget is simple to operate. Place the Heets Selection stick in the device's lid, switch it on, and wait for the tobacco to heat up. After the gadget delivers you a signal, enjoy your nicotine session.


What are the Heets Classic Selection costs?

UAE residents can buy IQOS and HEETS Parliament online for the lowest cost in Dubai. IQOS Dubai are currently offering a Heets Classic Selection from Kazakhstan for 114 AED if you order it before the end of the month. Please let us know how many you need, and we will make sure they get to you as soon as possible. Order now online and we will ensure your order arrives on time since supplies are limited.