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Buy Heets IQOS In Dubai UAE - Heets Parliament

HEETS Parliament is an IQOS Heat Sticks exclusive collection. The IQOS HEETS Parliament range includes IQOS HEETS Sticks made in Russia, in accordance with the Parliament Cigarette Supervision Plan By combating smoke, debris, and hussle, the flavors in IQOS HEETS Parliament provide a genuine taste and feel of tobacco. Enjoy the taste of tobaccos in proper size and a high satisfaction medium way.


When you order your range through our website, you can expect a hassle-free experience. Visit our IQOS HEETS Dubai Bespoke range for more options, or contact our customer service for more information. There are numerous varieties in the HEETS Parliament line that provide the real taste of tobacco without the normal drawbacks of ash, smoke, or odor. IQOS Dubai is one of the most reputable online dealers of HEETS and IQOS goods offers HEETS Parliament tobacco sticks for some of the most affordable rates available.


HEETS Parliament Technical Specifications

A block of Heets Parliament weighs approximately 250g and contains 10 packs or 200 sticks. Each stick contains 0.5 grams of nicotine and weighs 5.3 grams. IQOS Heets Parliament is only compatible with IQOS devices such as the IQOS 3 Duo, IQOS 3, IQOS Multi, IQOS 2.4 Plus, and IQOS Lil Solid.


HEETS Parliament Comes In A Variety of Flavors

The concept of heating tobacco rather than burning it has been around for over two decades, but it took years of research and development to develop a product that is acceptable to adults and that comes in delicious flavors.


Heets Summer Breeze Parliament :

It has a subtle fruity taste, but isn't overpowering. It blends well with other flavors and isn't too sweet.

Heets Amber Selection Parliament :

As a result of its sweet and citrusy taste and aroma, Amber Selection is characterized by toasted tobacco flavors as well as nutty undertones.

Heets Gold Selection Parliament :

You feel like you're getting a little boost of energy while using it, with a hint of freshness and a rich wood flavor.

Heets Bronze Selection Parliament :

The scent of dried fruits and chocolate is deep and nuanced, with a mild cocoa flavor. With a lovely charred and dried fruit finish, it has a flavor of rich and delicate subtleties.

Heets Purple Wave Parliament :

If you are looking for a unique tobacco flavor, HEETS Purple Wave may be the perfect option for you. It offers a smooth, flavorful, and rich tobacco experience.

Heets Turquoise Parliament :

With a taste of toasted tobacco and menthol, HEETS Turquoise Selection provides a peaceful and refreshing experience in the tongue. These non-smoking drops are one-of-a-kind and extremely effective.

Heets Yellow Selection Parliament :

In terms of flavor, HEETS Yellow Selection has a mellow, smooth tobacco taste with a hint of citrus and herbal undertones.

Heets Tropical Swift Parliament :

A cooling mist makes you feel relaxed as it infuses menthol and tropical fruit infusions for a pleasantly cold flavor. With its cool, refreshing impact, the mist provides you with a sense of calm.

Heets Teak Selection Parliament :

It's a moderately dry tobacco mix with a powerful flavor profile that's rich and creamy. It’s a well-balanced blend with a lovely aroma and an enticing flavor profile that's hard to beat.


How much does HEETS Parliament cost?

Online purchases of IQOS and HEETS Parliament are available at the best prices in Dubai, UAE. If you order Heets Parliament now, you will get one for 145 AED. Just tell us how many you need, and we will ensure that you get them as soon as possible. Stock is limited, so place your order online and we will make sure it arrives at your door.




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